Is Cinnamon Good for Health?

Cinnamon is a spice extracted from the inner bark of trees belonging to the genus Cinnamomum. The name ‘cinnamon’ has been derived from the Greek word ‘kinnám?mon’. ‘Cinnamomum verum’ is considered to be the ‘true cinnamon’ and has a long history of being used as both spice and medicine. It is the brown bark of the cinnamon tree which is used in the powder form. Cinnamon grows in two varieties, one is Chinese and the other is the Ceylonese.

Is Cinnamon Good for Health?
Cinnamon as Medicine
Chinese medicine and Ayurveda in India have considered cinnamon as a powerful medicine. Since the ancient times they have used it to treat ailments such as colds, indigestion and cramps. The early people believed that cinnamon enhance energy, vitality and improve blood circulation.
Cinnamon Health Benefits

While cinnamon is loved as a ‘Super Spice’ by gastronomes all over the world, we give you one more reason to love it. Some of health benefits of cinnamon are:
• Cinnamon has the power to lower LDL cholesterol when taken half a teaspoon.
• It helps in regulating blood sugar thus it is beneficial for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes.
• Cinnamon has an amazing capability to yeast infections which are resistant to medicines.
• Smelling the odour of cinnamon helps in improving brain function and memory.
• Cinnamon is also known to have anti-fungal properties.
• ½ a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with one tablespoon of honey can magically cure arthritis pain within one month.
• Cinnamon has amazing power to kill the E. coli bacteria which is found in juices which have not been refined and processed.
• Cinnamon can bring about anti-clotting effect on the blood.
• Cinnamon can also be used to reduce the proliferation of lymphoma cancer cells and can stop progression leukemia.
• It is a natural food preservative since it prevents growth of bacteria.
• It is a natural cure for headaches and migraine pain.
Cinnamon Nutritional Benefits


  1. Cinnamon is a good source of vital nutrients.
  2. Nutrient Amount
  3. Manganese 0.91 mg
  4. Calcium 52.10 mg
  5. fiber 2.76 g


10 grams of Cinnamon powder contains the following
Energy 103.4 kJ
Fat 0.12 g
Sugar 0.2 g
Protein 0.4 g

Cinnamon Dosage

There is no established dosage for cinnamon since its curing qualities have not yet been confirmed. However, experts recommend ½-1 teaspoon or 2 to 4 g of powder every day. Some studies suggest that in certain cases, such as for diabetic patients, the dosage can be increased from 1-6 grams of cinnamon. For indigestion problems, the cinnamon bark tea can be consumed 3 times a day.
Cinnamon Side Effects
Individuals sensitive to cinnamon can have the following side effects:
• Shortness of breath when exposed to cinnamon.
• Skin irritation when handling cinnamon supplements.
• Consuming large amounts of cinnamon can prove toxic.
• Cinnamon can aggravate a liver disease due to the presence of some chemicals in it.
• Cassia cinnamon can disrupt blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.
• Allergic skin reaction might occur.
• Patients who have undergone surgery should avoid cinnamon consumption as it might affect blood sugar control.

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